Stackable Rings Are Trendy!

stackable rings are trendy

Mix & Match Colors!



Heaven Wedding bands Princess, Sapphires, Emeralds

A brand new and popular style in jewelryhas taken the world of jewelry by storm! The beauty of this trend is that it uses simple rings and bands in the form of layering or stacking.



Fashion and Bridal Stackable Bands and Rings



Layering refers to wearing these pieces in separate fingers, but on the same hand. Stacking refers to wearing a few rings on the same finger.



Stacking and layering allows women to express their personality and creativity.


Stacked rings come in a variety of metals; rose, yellow or white gold, silver or platinum. They may come in plain metal or engraved. A stackable ring is usually a thin band, or a band with small stones you can wear comfortably with other thin bands. You can find them with a variety of gemstones and diamonds. Some rings are very thin, others a little wider, some are with diamonds others have colored gemstones.

They are usually representational and women put them on to symbolize essential milestones in their lifestyle.


You can stack your rings differently to fit the occasion and your outfit. Stacking them on the finger is like creating a work of art, and the final arrangement should create a harmonious whole. You can create very interesting look by stacking 4,5 or 6 different color gold and silver bands, with or without stones.

When you layer rings on different fingers of the same hand there is more flexibility in the choice of rings, but to create the most beautiful effect it is best to choose rings that can go together and do not overshadow each other. You can wear a simple delicate ring on one finger and next to it a ring that is a little wider and has some detail.



French Set Stackable Eternity Bands


Bez Ambar Fashion and Bridal Stackable Bands



“M” band


Bez Ambar’s fashion and bridal stackable rings are not only beautiful but innovative.


The design patented “Knife-Edge” bands and Bookend bands make beautiful engagement ring enhancers and make beautiful fashion accessories in a “mix and match” style combinations. Bez Ambar makes his Knife-Edge bands with micro-pave diamonds and gemstones.The stones are so small that the setter must use a microscope to set them. They come in a variety of diamonds and gemstone colors.


His “Bookend” bands are innovative and unique since the stones on one side are on an angle, while the other side is a flat metal. This design allows a perfect fit to any ring. For the more traditional eternity or half way around stackables, Bez Ambar uses his signature Princess cut and“Blaze cut” diamonds.


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