How To Stay Within A Budget and Buy Designer Engagement Rings?

how to buy designer engagement rings and stay within a budget
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Most women have dreams about getting a small box containing the ring of her dreams. Purchasing an engagement ring may well be the largest expanse in a man’s life thus far, yet most men have no idea what she wants, what style to choose, what her ring size is, or how much to spend.


Your first responsibility is to find out everything you can about what kind of ring will make your girlfriend happy.


Your second task is to learn everything about diamonds and engagement rings before you spend your money. Doing research online talking to friends who already went through the process and consulting a jeweler you trust, are all great starts towards becoming an informed buyer.


Your third undertaking is to decide how much you are willing to spend. You may have heard somewhere that the general rule is to spend the equivalent of three months of your annual salary on the engagement ring. The truth is that the three-month salary rule is purely a marketing tactic by jewelry companies attempting to get you to spend more of your hard-earned money. My suggestion is to spend whatever you feel comfortable with. Do not over-extend yourself financially.


Once you established your budget, especially if it is a moderate one, and you know what kind of ring will make her happy, the question that remains is how can you stay within your budget, maximize the value of your purchase and get as closer as possible to the ring of her dreams?


Designer or Generic?


Most people will recommend you stay away from brand names and custom designers. This advice may be true when you want to buy a ready-made product, but if you want to buy her what she wants, I believe that choosing a designer is the more sensible and economical decision.


It is well-known that designers are the experts in creating products that are unique, of high quality and will have longevity and a promise of service. But buying from them is considered more expensive than buying generic


What is generic jewelry? Any piece of fine jewelry that is designed for mass appeal. People who buy generic jewelry do not care that they have the same ring as the rest of the herd


Buying designer jewelry is about buying art you get to wear. What do you do when you buy art? You look for something that speaks to you. You look for something that pulls a feeling out of you that you weren’t feeling before you looked at it. You look for art that you know you’ll be happy to sit and stare at for hours and years on end.


So your design engagement rings will be unique, original and emotionally evocative, but how will buying from a designer help you buy your future wife a ring that is as close as can be to what she wants and at the same time stick to your budget?


The answer is that buying from a true designer/artist gives you FLEXIBILITY and FREEDOM,  meaning you have the space to play and explore with the designer many options, until you are completely satisfied with the product you are getting


The advantage of buying jewelry from a designer is that a designer has a point of view. The designer’s point of view is your guiding light. It’s not that you have no input at all. The designer you want to buy from is one that will have a discussion or series of discussions with you first. He/She will talk about gemstones, which ones you like most, and why. He/She will ask about how your woman wears jewelry, why she wear it, and how it makes her feel.  These conversations are the building blocks which the designer works with. Much of the joy in wearing the finished piece is trusting the designer’s authenticity, imagination and creativity and seeing how that designer transforms your conversations about intangible things into a physical work of art. It is his/her interpretation of your dream.


What do you get when you choose to buy from a well-known and respected designer like Bez Ambar.


You get a complete buying experience specifically customized to your needs.


Bez is an artist, inventor, and innovator. He is proficient in free hand drawing and computer-aided design and drafting programs. He knows everything about diamond cutting and diamond quality and value (he invented new diamond cuts) and he is familiar with the process of  jewelry manufacturing since he has manufactured  his own jewelry for the last 30 years.


His extensive knowledge is your money saver. He will always choose the most economical way to create the ring you are looking for. He will  always give you a few options to choose from that will all be within your budget and he will advise you on how to divide your budget to maximize the quality of the product.

Modern technology and Bez knowledge will save you money because you will  have a personal  intimate and safe buying experience even when you are hundreds of miles away sitting comfortably in your living room. You will have drawings, 3D files, renderings, images and videos sent to you throughout every step of the creative process, and will be speaking directly with Bez through Skype.

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