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Blake Lively Look Alike Engagement Ring Bez Ambar
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Why are We Fascinated With Celebrity Jewelry?

Have you ever purchased an imitation piece of jewelry that you knew a celebrity bought? It seems that many of us suffer from what psychology refers to as the “Contagion effect”- the tendency to copy behavior or activity of people who the entertainment media glorify.

In a study published in the Journal of Consumer Research researchers found that participants were willing to pay more for various objects that they believed were handled by or belonged to a celebrity that they admired.( George E. Newman, Gil Diesendruck, and Paul Bloom)

Dressing like a celebrity or getting a piece of jewelry that is imitating a ring or necklace that a celebrity wear makes people feel like they are vicariously sharing the celebrity’s experience.

Celebrity Engagement Rings

Women are especially fascinated-Obsessed with celebrity engagement rings. Celebrities invest a fortune when they buy an engagement ring and most of them are spectacular. Most of us will never be able to afford such rings, and we probably will not even want to buy such expensive piece of jewelry. It will probably make us feel uncomfortable walking around with such expensive item on our finger, however, we want to know everything about celebrity rings.

Immediately after celebrities announce their engagement, we notice an increase in the amount of inquiries we receive for engagement ring designs that are close in style to the one the celebrity bought.

The Blake Lively Engagement Ring

We often receive celebrity inspired engagement ring requests. and we have to come up with a design that is as similar as possible to the celebrity’s ring within a specified price range.

Misses Lively-Raynolds is wearing a ring which the media speculated to be between 7-12 Carat, (depending where you look up the information), flawless, light pink oval diamond center. It is a rose gold mounting with four prongs setting and a delicate white diamond pavé shank.

Not long ago we got a request for a Blake Lively engagement ring. When we looked at the specifications we realized that Bez Ambar created this style in 1998 long before Blake Lively got her Engagement Ring.

You can see the ring that Bez Ambar created more than a decade ago. Bez designed the Blake Lively alike engagement ring for a client who wanted an oval diamond center. As you can see in the image, this client received a custom ring designed by a very skillful designer for a fraction of the 2 million dollars Ryan Reynolds paid. The difference in price lies in the size and quality of the center stone. The final product is as beautiful as or even more beautiful than the original Blake Lively ring.
The advantage of working with a custom jewelry designer is that he/she can create every design you can imagine keeping the cost within your allocated budget.

blake lively

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