The Los Angeles Diamond District

A Word of Caution!

The purpose of this article is to deliver a word of caution to the many consumers that shop at the downtown Los Angeles diamond district.

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The jewelry district in downtown Los Angeles is famous all over the world. According to the Los Angeles Convention Center and Visitors Bureau, The LA jewelry district is the largest of its kind in the United States.

It is comprised of nearly 5,000 business, widely known for offering wholesale prices on the finest jewelry and diamonds.

Local residents and tourists from all over the world spend long hours exploring the stores looking for quality diamonds at great prices.

Is it true that you get wholesale prices? Does the quality matches the price?

Due to lack of knowledge, many people purchase the diamonds without requesting a GIA certificate. The reputation of the Diamond district is enough for them to believe that they are getting excellent deals just to find out later that they were wrong.

As a design and manufacturing company Bez Ambar is well know in the industry for our honesty and professionalism. Once and a while we are approached by customers who purchased a stone or a ring in the diamond district. They want to make sure that as advertised by the diamond district stores, they indeed got a good deal.

the los angeles designer

When we look at their purchase and appraise what they bought to make sure the diamond or ring was priced according to its market value unfortunately many times we have to disappoint them. After our expert appraiser looks at the diamonds, he finds that the information of the color and/or clarity of the diamond you bought is incorrect. In the end not only that you didn’t get a good deal but you actually paid more than the diamonds market value. This means that if you ever consider selling the diamond or upgrading it you will find out that you get a lower price that you paid for it. You were sure you got a great deal and you end up being disappointed and angry.

So if you decide to buy your jewelry at the diamond district, what can you do to make sure you are getting a deal or at least paying the market value?

  1. Insist on taking the diamond,or the ring to a trusted appraiser to find out the market value of the diamonds.
  2. If you don’t want to, or can’t do that, make sure to ask the merchant to show you a GIA certificate that accompanies the diamond.
  3. Make sure you go to a business that was recommended to you by someone you trust who purchased diamond jewelry from this merchant and knows that he can deliver a deal.

Remember, sometimes cheap ends up being more expensive.

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