Titanium Rings Men-Pros and Cons

Titanium Rings Men -Pros & Cons
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The metal that one uses to create  jewelry critically affects the appearance, durability, and cost of the final product. Therefore, it’s important that anyone interested in wearing or purchasing jewelry understand material properties and become familiar with terms that he or she may come across when they search for the perfect ring. Today, I would like to familiarize you with TITANIUM metal to help you make an informed decision whether to buy jewelry made from it.


Rings crafted from titanium became widely available on the market around the 1990s. Let us look at the unique properties of this element to understand what makes it appealing for so many industries and for the jewelry industry in particular.


1. It is a chemical element with symbol Ti and atomic number 22.

2.The ninth most abundant element in the Earth’s crust, which means it is easy to find and collect it and it is inexpensive.

3. A shining element with a silver color.

4. Highly resistant to corrosion.

5. Biocompatible meaning it is hypoallergenic.

6. Has low density which show that it is very light. At the same time, it is strong (It has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any crystalline metal) and durable.


If we look at the properties one by one it becomes clear that some of its unique properties make titanium a jewelry friendly material but others don’t.




A. Titanium is hypoallergenic which means that it does not interact with the human skin.
Therefore, everyone can safely wear titanium rings even people who suffer allergies to other jewelry materials.


B. It is highly resistant to corrosion –It is not affected by sea water, Nitrohydrochloric acid and chlorine (in water) therefore, titanium rings are practical for those who regularly swim in the ocean or chlorinated pools. This contrasts with some other jewelry materials, such as silver, brass and bronze, which are prone to tarnishing and other manifestations of deterioration.


C. It is strong and durable  Titanium rings (mostly 99% pure metal is used for jewelry) feature higher fatigue resistance. The material can withstand a very high level of stress while being stretched or pulled before failing or breaking. Titanium also has very high strength-to-weight ratios. These qualities are very appealing to the consumer that prefer rings that do not break or scratch easily.


D. Titanium rings will not change color over time– Consequently, they will need less maintenance work over the long run.


E.Titanium can be colored Titanium is one of the so-called reactive metals. This means that when exposed to current or heat an oxide layer develops that appears brightly colored, even though there is no pigment whatsoever.




A.Strength can be a double edge sword. Working on titanium quickly wears down jewelry making tools .Titanium rings are difficult to cut off in-case-of an emergency. It is also very hard, if not impossible to re-size a ring if needed. Wedding rings have great emotional value and many times they are passed on to the next generation and people do not like to toss away a ring just because of a finger size change.


B.Cost Titanium is cheaper than gold and platinum, however the labor cost of making a piece of jewelry is higher due to the fact that it is not a jeweler friendly material to work with.


C. Titanium is not one of the Nobel Metals Gold and platinum have been around for thousand of years and have always been used to make jewelry and art. Titanium is relatively new and does not have the same value


D. Lacking in Design Versatility- Many of the more advanced and complex jewelry designs need the use of soldering and prong setting. The fact that both can not be used with titanium affects titanium


Bez Ambar design and manufacture only men’s titanium bands. Men bands are less complicated and do not have as many details and intricacies as women engagement rings. We made a conscious decision to do that because we believe that the unique properties of the material do not make it an ideal material for the kind of designs that are Bez Ambar’s passion and expertise.

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  1. I like the fact that titanium rings are non-allergic and do not tarnish even when exposed to chemical compounds around us. This is because I was looking to buy a gift for my husband on his birthday and I saw him peeking at one of the titanium rings at the store window. He’s sensitive to fancy accessories caused by his in-born skin allergies so he is not amenable to wearing one unless it’s proven hypoallergenic. In this case, I’ll have a look at my options online and see which best suits him.

  2. Thank you so much I was looking to get my wife a new ring and wanted something different and new and found your site so thanks for helping me out

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