Unique Diamond Jewelry – Los Angeles, CA

Bez-Ambar-Unique diamond -jewelry

The Los Angeles diamond jewelry market is flooded with mass produced bracelets, necklaces, wedding bands and engagement rings instead of truly unique diamond jewelry. Bez Ambar Inc has excelled in hand crafting custom fine jewelry for over 30 years. Eager future brides and husbands drive tirelessly across town in search of stunning and unique jewelry items but fall short. The solution for anyone interested in truly unique diamond jewelry, where master artisanship meets unequaled quality, creativity, innovation and lasting value, is none-other than designer diamond jewelry from Bez Ambar.


The Unique Distinction

Having worked first hand under private label for established brands like Tiffany and Cartier for over 20 years, Bez Ambar’s unique artistic background has helped distinguish and provide magnificent character to all fine jewelry items designed and manufactured at Bez Ambar Inc. The innovative Blaze Cut Diamond invented by Bez Ambar revolutionized diamond cutting in 2006 just as his invention of the modern square cut diamond, trademarked Quadrillion but known as The Princess Cut over 30 Years Ago. Bez Ambar’s innovate and incomparable designs have paved their way to exclusive jewelry stores in Beverly Hills and onto the hands of beloved spouses here in Los Angeles.



The Ultimate Diamond Cut



An Unmatched Experience