Wedding Ring Designs


Wedding Ring Designs

The option under wedding ring has proliferated since the past few years. Even a decade ago, the options were not as varied. Today, we have innumerable designs and options to choose our wedding ring from. As the initiator of a new life of togetherness, a wedding ring should be bought after much deliberation. A wedding ring is profound with rich meaning as it represents your everlasting love and your commitments. It stands as a lasting reminder of your special day. From vintage-inspired designs to edgy designs, you have a range of classic styles that will add sparkle not only on your wedding day but- everyday.


Pave’ Eternity Wedding Ring

What can be more elegant than a pave diamond wedding ring? In this type of setting, tiny, faceted and beautifully cut stones are set close together, hiding the metal on which it is based. Pave in metals like yellow gold and platinum is very common. Today, different colored gemstones are also used in this type of setting. Alternate stones of diamond and sapphire or diamond and ruby is also an endearing option. The eternity wedding ring represents one’s everlasting love and commitments.

Stacked Rings

A trend that makes a terrific style statement is the stacked rings. They are basically two, three or more rings stacked together. The multiple rings can be eternity ring, channel set, pave diamond rings or a ring of plain metal and they can be stacked one after the other to create a look that is not only modern but flexible as well. One could wear it with an engagement ring or even without it.

The Vintage Design

Classic design and style will always be a favorite amongst girls. As the saying goes, old is gold and indeed they are. The delicate look of the vintage inspired rings coupled with their Old European features, defining features, filigree and vintage inspired cuts are surely a treat for the eyes. Vintage inspired wedding rings are very much in vogue and is here to stay and to dominate the fashion industry for years to come.

Colored Stone Rings

Who said wedding ring needs to be of diamond? The beauty of a wedding ring lies in the ultimate symbol it represents. Hence, it can be of colored stones as well. Alternate stones of diamond and ruby or diamond and sapphire or even of diamond and emerald makes for an endearing option. Even a wedding ring of one’s birthstone is a great way to make an impressive style statement.

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