What is a Wedding Band

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S o what is wedding ring? A marriage demands the exchanging of rings, a tradition that has existed for over hundreds of years. According to that particular tradition, a woman is graced with two rings on her finger; an engagement ring and a wedding ring/band. An engagement ring is presented by her man, at the time of proposal and from the moment she says “yes”, she will be wearing the engagement ring to signify her impending marriage. A wedding ring/band is given to her by her would-be on the day of the marriage to cement their bond in an everlasting love.

A wedding band has a profile, less intricate than an engagement ring. It usually features a plain band of platinum or gold. They are generally preferred by those who have an intricately designed flashy engagement ring. However, wedding bands are also available in pave diamonds or other precious gemstones. A wedding band is considered the ultimate symbol of love and commitment and is worn along with the engagement ring.

Today, the wedding band and the engagement ring are available as bridal set. This is an apt solution for those who prefers to wear a wedding band which is in perfect harmony with the engagement ring. It saves couples time and energy as they do not need to hop from one shop to another to find a matching wedding band.

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