Why is a 1 Carat Diamond the Most Popular Size for an Engagement Ring?

whys is a 1 carat diamond

What is the average size of an engagement ring diamond center?

1 carat diamond

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The time has come to ask the question, will you marry me? One of the issues men have to deal with before they propose is what size diamond ring to buy. Most men are probably wondering what the average center stone size for an engagement ring is before they purchase the diamond, especially if they need to save money or if they’re on a tight budget.

Market research shows that the average size of an engagement ring center in the U.S. is around that of a 1 carat diamond, and between 0.5-1.00 carat in other countries. It’s interesting to note that the average size varies within the same country. Localized variations seem to be related to the level of income. The size of the stone has become a status symbol. Men with higher incomes are "expected" to purchase a bigger stone. Always remember the saying, “Diamonds are a girl's best friend”.

Why is the average size a 1 carat diamond?

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Is there a good reason why the majority of people purchase a 1 carat diamond engagement ring? Yes, there is. When buying a 1 carat diamond ring, you get the most for your money. A diamond’s price increases exponentially not linearly. This means that the price of a 2 carat diamond will not be twice the price of a 1 carat, it will be much higher.

The bigger the stone, the higher the difference in price. Depending on the quality, a 6 carat diamond can cost 20 times more than a 1 carat.

1 carat diamond cost jumps

The secret for getting the best value for your money?

1 carat diamond size chart

Most human beings are drawn towards things that are whole and complete.The same can be said for the size of a diamond. If offered both, most people prefer to buy a 1.00 carat over a 0.98 carat stone. This is precisely why most diamonds are cut in half and whole increments, as pricing is based on those thresholds.

Is the choice economical? The answer is not really.

The truth is, that whatever diamond carat size you prefer, buying just under whole carat marks can save you hundreds of dollars. Let’s say you decide to get a 1 carat ring, you will get more for your money if you purchase a 0.8-0.99 carat stone. Why? Because, with all other parameters equal, the price of a 1 carat diamond is about 35% higher than a 0.90 carat. The change in weight is only 0.1 carat, which is only 10%, and visually, you won’t be able to tell the difference.

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