Why Shop A Bez Ambar Design?

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 The prominent German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer said :


” Genius consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought”


In a world where we are taught to conform from the time we are born, Bez Ambar is a symbol of individual expression. He repeatedly brakes down stylistic conventions. He is uncompromising as he pursues his calling and follows his muse. Relentlessly curious he continuously reinvents himself. He is the only jewelry designer in this century who is constantly inventing, innovating and creating great artistic designs that answer to no one, yet inspire everyone.


What Do Retailers Say About Bez Ambar


“There are very few superstars in the jewelry design world. Bez Ambar is surely one of them. His creative talents are matched only by the workmanship of his superb craftsmen.”

– Maurice Badler, Badler Fine Jewelry, NYC

“When it comes to quality workmanship and artistry, no jewelry designer does it better than Bez Ambar. Bez is the artistic genius who produces some of the most beautiful jewelry items in the world.”

-Diamond Source of Virginia, Richmond, Virginia.

“Bez Ambar is one of the most prominent diamond jewelry designers to emerge in the last thirty years. He is known for his innovation in creating new designs with unique diamond cuts, such as the Princess Cut. Bez Ambar has also helped evolve the use of the “invisible setting”, which takes advantage of the clean edges of a diamond and gives it fiery color and the perfecting of the micro-pave setting.”

-Simon Jewelers, High Point, North Carolina.

“Unlike anything I have ever seen! Unique, genius, and captivating designs.”

-Jeannette Requilez, Rainbow City, Alabama

“…We are ecstatic to welcome the work of the amazingly talented and creative artist Bez Ambar. A classically trained artist in his own right with knowledge of sculpture and painting, Bez Ambar brings this sensibility to his work. Bez strived to break the mold of traditional jewelry shaping and setting, moving towards the streamlined and proving that what seemed impossible can be miraculous.”

-Provident Jewelers, Fort Myers, Florida.

“The cut, the gem, the design…every piece is absolutely incredible!!!”


-Michele White

“Bez Ambar is known as a true visionary of Bridal and high-end fashion jewelry, having introduced an array of original design ideas since making his foray into the industry three decades ago.”

-J. Scott Jewelers, Beaver Creek, Colorado.

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To view more of Bez Ambar designs click  HERE[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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