What Are Bookend Bands ?




Example of Traditional Ring Enhancer

What are Bookend Ring Enhancers?



Double Row Bookend Bands


Bez Ambar is well-known for his innovations in diamond cuts, designs and new setting methods.


The Bookend ring enhancers are a testimony to Bez Ambar ingenuity and his ability to take an existing design concept and give it a new meaning.


Enhancers, often called wraps or guards, to augment the original engagement ring, and a wedding band is often added.


They can also be used as the wedding band itself.


The common engagement ring enhancers are bands made to fit around a solitaire diamond ring displaying more diamonds on both sides of the center stone.

This type of enhancer literally wraps around the solitaire diamond, without completely encircling the center stone. – Wikipedia


Bez Ambar Bookend Ring Enhancers


bookend band ring enhancers

Bookend Bands Inspiration




How did Bez Come up with the idea of the Bookend shape?

His inspiration to create the Bookend bands ring enhancerswas the concept and shape of Bookend holders.


Their uniqueness lies in the fact that one side of the band is completely flat metal and fits perfectly to the engagement ring or band. The other side of the band is an angle and set with either one or two rows of pavé diamonds or gemstones.

Due to their unique and innovative design Bez Ambar has a design patent for the Bookend bands.

You can go to the Bez Ambar website to view his magnificent collection of Bookend bands.

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