Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring

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Take a step into the deep, mesmerizing ocean blue of the sapphire.  Lose yourself in the natural blue sapphire complemented by the halo of fire produced by our BLAZE® diamonds, displayed above in the blue sapphire Equinox engagement ring. Or maybe you would prefer a larger more captivating cerulean in our Blue Sapphire Flow Ring. At Bez Ambar, we custom design and manufacture our heirloom jewelry to order. So, no matter where and how large you would like to see your blue sapphire, we at Bez Ambar can bring to life the objects of your imagination.


Princess center with BLAZE® diamonds frame and bands

— Blaze—
The Diamond Of Fire

10 X Larger “Fire” Than Any Other Cut

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BLAZE® diamonds frame and bands


Princess center with BLAZE® diamonds frame and bands


Blaze® has 10 times More Color Dispersion Than Other Cuts.

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Ring of Fire® – Blaze® Diamonds Framing a Center Stone.


Ring Of Fire


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The Ring of Fire

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From the originator of the Princess cut diamond

Designer of Priceless Heirlooms


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The Riata

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