What is a Wedding Anniversary Ring?

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What is a wedding anniversary ring? They are the perfect way to commemorate a wedding anniversary big or small. A wedding anniversary ring is usually a band of diamonds though it can also come in other colored gemstones. A wedding anniversary ring comes loaded with symbolism and hence is a perfect way to celebrate the most treasured bonds of a lifetime. With the passing of every anniversary, one witnesses a year of growth in a relationship. It is, therefore, a day that deserves to be celebrated with wedding anniversary ring because they are the ultimate symbol of your growing relationship with your partner.

The 3-stone rings the 5-stone ring, the 7-stone ring and the eternity rings are some of the most popular anniversary rings. Symbolizing the past, present, and the future or in other words, yesterdays, today and tomorrow, the 3-stone ring is a breathtaking piece that beautifully represents your eternal love and lends a deeper meaning to your relationship. If you are celebrating 5 or 7 years of togetherness, a 5- stone anniversary ring or a 7-stone anniversary ring can be made to represent the five years or 7 years respectively. They can alternatively be seen as a symbol of connecting all the future years of togetherness.

The eternity ring is another endearing option where the diamonds go all the way round the ring. It symbolizes, in the perfect way, the everlasting love you share. The band is usually of the same millimeter width all the way round and features stone of the same size. Eternity band has a vintage appeal and are hence an ideal option for those who wishes the vintage look in their wedding anniversary ring.

The options under wedding anniversary ring are not limited to the three-stone,five-stone, seven-stone or the eternity band. The options are varied and include a variety of breathtaking cuts. You can even opt for anniversary rings in cuts like princess, oval, marquise, heart, cushion etc. In addition, you can opt for colored gemstones like sapphires, ruby, emerald and others. At the end of the day, a wedding anniversary is all about making her feel special and letting her know her importance in your life. Hence, choose, what will best reflect your love and your dedication to your partner.

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